Natural Holistic Massage Therapy

There are many different forms of massage therapy such as deep tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai yoga massage are just a few. Some are done fully clothed, while others require the removal of clothes to the comfort level of the client.

The benefits of massage are wonderful especially in stress reduction and relaxation.

How it Works

Massage therapy is a licensed profession, so your therapist will be highly trained in knowledge on the working of the body and its muscles.

You should arrive at your appointment about 15 minutes in advance in so you have time to sign any necessary forms. You will then be led back to your personal, quiet, dimly lit room and usually calming music is being played. Your massage therapist will come in and depending on the type of massage you have decided on, the session may run as long as an hour and a half.


The benefits of massage are bountiful. Enhanced lymphatic drainage associated with the increased excretion of toxins is a major benefit as are stress relief, muscular release, and endorphin production (your happy, feel good, natural pain reducing neurotransmitters) is also greatly augmented.


Massage is not for everyone. If you are pregnant, have certain pain conditions, are unable to lay flat for a certain period of time, have low blood pressure, or have any open wounds you should consult with your physician prior to this treatment. Also, if you have sensitivities to some lotions or oils, you may want to bring your own so as to avoid any allergic response.


Massage therapy is a great holistic modality to add to your health care regimen. It moves the lymphatic fluid which is wonderful in assisting in the elimination of toxins, relaxes tense, tight muscles and relaxes the mind.

It is important to consider drinking a sufficient amount of water after your massage.


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