Light Therapy

Natural Holistic Light Therapy

The importance of light therapy to our good health is greatly underestimated. The very fact that many suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which is easily resolved by the regular skin exposure to adequate sunlight, is one of many reasons that we need to make the most of it.

How it Works

Light therapy works on a variety of levels for our health. Our skin can absorb the energy of the ultraviolet B rays from sunlight and in turn create vitamin D. The light filtering in through our eyes is actually contributing to a whole host of chemical processes that will lead to hormone production and greater feelings of well being.


Light therapy is well known in relieving seasonal affective disorder which is substantially related to the lack of sunlight in the winter. However, it has many other benefits such as increasing serotonin levels which is a feel good neurotransmitter produced in the brain that is associated with happiness and tranquility.

It is known that after just 20 minutes of walking in the sunlight serotonin levels will be higher than when you started! When our skin is exposed to sunlight we can make vitamin D, which has a wide variety of purpose in our well being, from enhancing our outlook on life, decreasing inflammation to enhancing the absorption of calcium.


It is wise to be mindful not to be out in the sun for too long a period of time. Utilize a good natural sunscreen after you have done your daily “sun bath” so that your skin doesn’t get a burn. If one were to spend a lot of time in the sun it would be wise to ensure adequate hydration with water.


There are many forms of light therapy, but the most economical is 100% free sunlight! If getting outside in the winter is too much for you, consider purchasing a high quality sun lamps so that you can continue to feel the positive effects from light.


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  • Heal Yourself with Sunlight by Andres Moritz
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