Environmental Medicine

Natural Holistic Environmental Medicine

This field was founded by Theron G. Randolph who was a prominent allergy specialist who really is more of a clinical ecologist. He made it his life’s work to support the fact that sensitivity reactions to even commonly eaten foods or environmental factors such as perfume could cause a whole host of symptoms such as headaches, eczema, and behavioral disorders. Dr. Delores Rapp has done the same, especially enhancing the quality of life of highly allergic children with the wonderful provocation-neutralization method of treating allergic responses naturally and with wonderful results.

How it Works

Environmental medicine is more patient centered with the goal always being to arrive at cause instead of merely treating symptoms. This can be accomplished in several ways depending what the issue is.


The benefits of this wonderful modality is that when one does finally arrive at cause, the symptoms get released from the body for good, which will free up more energy for greater healing to take place from the enhanced energy flow. Behavior improves, learning improves, and health improves!


There are no precautions for using this branch of medicine, as they are a group of physician’s who are devoted to arriving at causes and truly serving the patient. Always let your health care provider know your concerns and be honest. Sometimes it is the things that we do not say that can be of great benefit for the practitioner in assisting you in arriving at a healing.


Environmental medicine is a wonderful healing branch of medicine that focuses greatly on allergic or sensitivity type responses by the body and are genuinely goal oriented to finding the cause of allergic reactions.


  • Is this Your Child by Dr. Doris Rapp
  • Alternative Approach to Allergies by Theron Randolph
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