Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga in Sanskrit means breath synchronized movement. Each yoga pose taken will have one breath cycle of inspiration combined with expiration before flowing into the next posture. It’s considered a form of strength training yoga, and a class usually is about 60-90 minutes in duration.

How it Works

It works through the combination of breath with flow of physical movement to create internal heat in the body which will assist in the elimination of toxins through the skin as well as strengthen muscles. Depending upon the class there may be a meditation incorporated into the practice.


This type of yoga is beneficial in helping one to gain flexibility as well as increase physical endurance, while the breathing techniques will help to center and calm the mind.


As this form of yoga is very faced paced and combined with a lot of movement, you may want to consider an alternative yoga practice to achieve your health goals if you have any physical injuries or limitations. This type of yoga is considered a strength training form of yoga, and can be intensive.


This type of yoga is a fast paced flowing movement practice which will greatly increase physical endurance and strength. A regular practice will help you to become stronger and more centered. Check with your doctor first if you have any physical limitations or pain prior to starting this practice.




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Add Health to Your Daily Schedule

Now 35, I realize how important a safe, healthy and stable scheduled commitment of eating right and exercise has become key for my optimal and long-term health. When I was a young adult fasting to loose weight was so easy, but not a very healthy route. My current daily exercise regimen consists of Cardio for 60 minutes and then yoga for 45 minutes.

My favorite Yoga is Vinyasa. Vinyasa means “breathing synchronized movement” because it fosters synchronizing your breath from one pose to the next and offers a variety of poses. Vinyasa Yoga helps me to breath deeper and I feel more relaxed and present when I am able to fill my lungs with more air. It also allows me to really work my core.

My favorite Yoga class is held at Yoga To The People in New York City on Saint Marks in the East Village. I find the instructors to be warm, nurturing and open to giving encouraging and nonjudgmental guidance during classes. If I have time, I will attend a class at Yoga To The People now and again.

For the most part, I like to get up and practice yoga in my tent in the morning now that the weather is getting better with a DVD. This is delightful, as I get to listen to the birds while practicing my Vinyasa Flow.

Completing my daily exercise regimen successfully allows me to relax and prepare myself mentally and physically for the day ahead.

For breakfast I like to have a Manitoba hemp protein shake, 2 oz of orange juice with my vitamins, I take one Nature’s Plus Prenatal a day; this may not be right for every woman but is for me, Mega Food Blood Builder as I am anemic, and 8 ounces of water in the morning before my cardio workout. I like to add kale, banana, blueberries, strawberries, flax seed oil, water and rice or soymilk to my protein shakes.

Right after my cardio routine, I drink another hemp protein shake, which I have prepared earlier and stored in the fridge. My cardio routines are old fashioned because they work; running, squats, crunches, and strength training.

For lunch I like to have a salad with rubbed kale, romaine lettuce, baked tofu squares(in place of breadcrumbs), red onions, red kidney beans, dandelion greens, fennel, apple slices, walnuts and a Maple Grove Farms’ maple balsamic vinaigrette; kale, collards and carrot juice with a cup of Yogi Detox Tea. This salad and vegetable juice at the most would take me 15 minutes to make, as I always have the ingredients in stock, washed and prepped in the fridge for the week.

What I find most important when planning a daily health commitment schedule is that there will always be off days. I exercise four to five days a week and sometimes six. I may not always be in the mood to exercise in the morning, so there are definitely times when I do it at night.

Most likely if you are a parent, you are always multi-tasking. I do not get down on myself if I have a day when I am not as motivated and need to modify my schedule or exercise a little less time than normal.

As parents, we are always taking care of our family and it is important to remember to serve ourselves in the midst of all the madness.

As parents we all do a fantastic job and it is important to remember this. As a homeschooler, I make Yoga a part of our homeschool curriculum and I hope that my boys continue to be committed to staying healthy mentally, physically and spiritually throughout their lives.

Bernadette Ayers is a vegetarian, homeschooling her two boys. Her blog can be found at