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5 Homeopathic Treatments to Aid in Bone, Bruise, and Wound Injury Recovery

Homeopathic health has long been used to help naturally heal illness and injury. An unconventional method of treatment that goes beyond western thinking, Homeopathic therapy is an effective remedy for many types of injuries.

Here are five homeopathic treatments for bone, bruise, and wound injury.

  • Arnica montana – This is a popular treatment for new injuries, especially bruises and sprains. Given prior to procedures or used as a remedy after bruising occurs, Arnica montana can help reduce pain, inflammation, and bring out bruising quicker.
  • Calcarea phosphorica – This particular remedy is perfect for slow healing bruises or bone fractures. It provides warmth to aching muscles and soothes stiffness.
  • Phosphorus – This easily obtainable treatment is a great resource for small wounds that bleed easily. It is also a very effective treatment for nosebleeds.
  • Symphytum – This treatment is especially effective for broken bones around the eyes or in the face. It can also help with bruising around eyes from blunt force.
  • Calendula – This helpful remedy can be used to treat minor cuts and scrapes, injuries with minor broken skin, and can be taken internally to combat infections to wounds.

Homeopathic treatments can range from blends that can be used as creams or additives to tea and food. Any way that you choose to use them, these treatment options offer a medicine-free approach to treating bruises, broken and fractured bones, and minor wounds.


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