Juicing is the process that includes extracting juices and vital nutrients from vegetable, fruit, and plant sources.  The process results in a nutrient-rich drink that is easily consumed and digested for optimum use of vitamins and food performance.

How It Works

Juicing requires the use of a quality juicer that is designed to extract only the juice from its source.  It is generally a mechanical operation that will result in a complete separation of juice from pulp, skin, flesh, and seed.  Different combinations of vegetable, fruit, and plant juice are combined to create high-energy health drinks that are free of preservatives, colors, and additives.


One of the many benefits of juicing is the ease of digestion into the system.  While the body can utilize vegetables, fruits, and plants efficiently in their whole form, eliminating the extra bulk from the source ensures that the body can use the nutrient rich juice to its highest capacity.

It also has a convenience factor when produced in advance for busy schedules.   Preparing juice mixes is easy and can provide quick on-the-go nutrition and energy for busy lifestyles.

Juicing can make getting nutrition more palatable for those that are prone to food sensitivities by eliminating the texture, flesh, and skin components of the source.  These are often the components responsible for digestion issues or distaste.  Juice mixes can be combined with nutritional powerhouses such spinach and kale while being made more palatable by adding flavorful components such as apple, banana, and strawberry.


While juicing can provide quick delivery of nutrients and vitamins, it can also provide large quantities of natural sugar.  It is important that those with diabetes or other sugar-based conditions use discretion when introducing juicing into a diet.

Juicing can give a quick natural energy boost to aid in workouts and daily routines, however as with any quick delivery method of energy there can be a “crash” associated with it as well.  Without the pulp and body of the juice source, the body can digest the energy source much quicker resulting in a natural depletion of energy.

Juicing can treat an array of illnesses, diseases, and common ailments.


Juicing can be a healthy alternative to sports drinks, nutrition supplements, and artificial energy sources.  Juicing combinations can treat an array of illnesses, diseases, and common ailments.  It can also be used to increase the nutritional value of diet and provide supplementation for those who may otherwise forgo eating healthy fruits, vegetables, and plants.






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Juicing to Treat Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and Osteoarthritis

Juicing – a health phenomenon that is trending across the nation – touts many health benefits towards a healthy lifestyle. With an easily digested arsenal of vitamins and minerals from different sources, juicing has allowed dieters and health nuts to benefit from delicious blends of nature’s energy drink. But more and more, juicing is being used to help treat chronic illnesses and disorders such as migraines, Fibromyalgia, and Osteoarthritis.


Migraines and any other kind of headache for that matter can be enough to stop anyone in their tracks. The key to avoiding or treating major headaches and migraines is to include heavy doses of calcium and magnesium in your juice mix. Fennel carries large amounts of both, while ginger adds nice flavor and is a natural pain reliever. A mixture of Fennel, carrots, apples, pineapple, ginger, and cabbage in your juicer should be enough to ease the symptoms of a migraine and has a sweet taste from the apples and pineapple.


Fibromyalgia is best treated when juices incorporate high levels of antioxidants. When trying to treat the symptoms of Fibromyalgia it is important to incorporate high energy fruits and vegetables along with those high in antioxidants. Mixing cranberries, cherries, carrots, celery, and spinach will give you a large dose of antioxidants and high energy as well. Apples and ginger can also be added for taste and pain management.


The secret to treating osteoarthritis by juicing is anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. These can come from a variety of sources of fresh fruits. Mix dark pigmented fruit such as cherries, blackberries, and red grapes with ginger, and honey. The dark pigmented fruit contain anthocyanins which have been documented to have both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory values. The ginger and honey make it more palatable and provide pain management.

Juicing is a quality source of vegetable and fruit nutrition in a manageable and enjoyable system. The key to any chronic illness management is to commit to a certain therapy and follow through with it. With some planning, these juicing ideas can be incorporated into any daily routine and begin to provide relief for migraines, Fibromyalgia, and Osteoarthritis.