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What does your company stand for?

“Trovita Health Science is an emerging specialty health and nutrition company, dedicated to developing and commercializing products that address unmet needs in medical and performance nutrition. Nutritional health is foundational for achieving your goals, whether battling an illness or striving for optimum athletic performance.

Our mission is to offer products that are designed to help people achieve their own personal goals. We never use added sugars or corn syrup, and we leave out ingredients that we know may cause digestive problems. Our products are naturally enhanced with ingredients selected by doctors and dietitians, to bring out the best in you.”


What is your most popular product?

“Our lead product is ENU, our line of complete, naturally enhanced nutritional shakes. ENU is the only ready to drink true meal replacement shake available today – offering nearly 500 calories per serving, primarily from prudent sources like quinoa, brown rice, tapioca and a blend of healthy fats.

With 25g of protein and 24 vitamins and minerals per serving, ENU delivers the proper levels of nutrition for people who need it the most. ENU is gluten and lactose free for easier digestion.

ENU is recommended by Registered Dietitians at major cancer hospitals, eating disorder clinics, and is used by elite athletes to fuel their performance.”


Why do people love it?

“First of all, ENU has an amazing taste and texture. People are surprised at by the smooth and creamy texture, without any aftertaste or grit. And ENU is also having a meaningful impact on people’s nutritional status during difficult medical treatments.

Molly D. wrote a 5-star review on Amazon.com recently and this is what she had to say, “This product is literally saving my life! I am a cancer survivor going through the final stages of chemotherapy, and all foods taste terrible. This protein drink is the only nourishment I can tolerate! My nutritionist recommended this product and advised two a day for me-a perfect regimen for protein and vitamin replacement!”


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