SimpliFit helps you achieve weight loss that lasts.


What does your company stand for?

“SimpliFit helps you achieve weight loss that lasts. When you try a typical weight loss program, you start off with a lot of motivation, but that motivation fades as the program gets harder to stick to. Pretty soon, you’re back on the coach with nothing to show for your hard work.

We want you to lose weight once and then keep it off forever. That’s why we built SimpliFit to be an entirely personalized weight loss program that adapts to your lifestyle.

SimpliFit’s #1 focus is sustainability so that you too can achieve weight loss that lasts.”

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What is your most popular product?

“Our most popular product is the SimpliFit mobile app for iOS. Our Android app is coming soon.”


Why do people love it?

“People love SimpliFit because it’s like having a real coach, right in your pocket. Since you get completely personalized guidance, you have peace of mind knowing that you’re not just doing some cookie cutter program.

The best part is that, since SimpliFit focuses on helping you build habits, it’s almost effortless to stick to the program in the long-term. This gets our customers what they really want – weight loss that lasts.”


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