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What does your company stand for?

“We started Hampton Creek because we noticed that healthy food is absurdly expensive, and unhealthy food is insanely cheap. We want to live in a world in which food is not only healthier, more sustainable, and safer, but also tastier and more affordable. We quickly realized that this dream couldn’t be achieved by building upon the current, deeply dysfunctional system, so we asked ourselves a question…

“What would it look like if we started over?”

Our mission is simple: quality food should be available to everyone, everywhere.

We are working hard to construct a food system that’s radically better in every way. We believe it should be easy for good people to do the right thing—for their health, the planet, and their wallet. That’s what Hampton Creek stands for.


What is your most popular product?

“Just Mayo is the #1 selling mayo in Whole Foods and is flying off the shelves in major retailers countrywide! Just Mayo tastes like the homemade mayo Mom used to whip up—simple ingredients, with a bright burst of lemon and a creamy consistency—but with all non-GMO ingredients, none of the cholesterol and less sodium. Just Mayo is also available in Chipotle, Sriracha and Garlic—three flavors that add an extra kick to our original recipe, perfect for salads, sandwiches and dips with a twist.

Our newest product, Just Cookie Dough, is also wildly popular. Healthier, more sustainable, and yummier—the world was asking for a cookie dough they could safely eat by the spoonful, and Just Cookie Dough was our answer. Pick up a tub at Whole Foods and enjoy it raw or pop it in the oven for the perfect batch of cookies.”


Why do people love it?

“Our first two years as a company have shown us that people aren’t the problem—our systems are. The moment an opportunity to do the right thing was presented, the world didn’t hesitate to join our cause. We have the support of a global community that’s committed to building this new food system with us, and they love Hampton Creek because they get to use their power as consumers to improve the world. This isn’t our mission, our movement—it’s theirs.


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