Go Organics

Go Organics company profile


What does your company stand for?

“Go Organics was created to speak the universal language of food. We bring 100% USDA Certified foods from farms from around the world to your kitchen table.

Go Organics launched with a complete line of grocery from South Asia including 36 vibrant spices, 21 assortments of protein rich lentils and beans, 20 different kinds of flours, cereals and whole grains and a variety of aromatic teas.

Leveraging generations of experience in retail, wholesale and import, we will soon be expanding our line to add organic foods from Europe, Middle East, South America and Far East Asia.

With we are creating a one-stop-shop for any organic pantry staple under the sun. Our online global community of farmers, suppliers and customers will enable exchange of multi-cuisine recipes and ideas, and foster organic lifestyle. So let’s “Get Good,” and “Go” organics! ”


Go-Organics-Meal-kitWhat is your most popular product?

“Our most popular products are the meal-kits which comprise of all ingredients required to prepare a complete meal including the recipes with step by step instructions on how to make them. Currently we have 2 meals kits on our site for sale. We will soon be adding more such kits so stay tuned!”


Why do people love it?

“A lot of people are familiar with our ingredients but some are either intimidated or are just unaware about how to use them. The meal kits come with simple steps on how to make easy, nutritious and impressive meals using our ingredients.


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