What does your company stand for?

“After Years of nicks and cuts, bumps, and ingrown hair, we came to the conclusion that there must be a better way to shave. What began as a hobby became a passion, and is now an obsession. We use only the purest ingredients in our products so you can have the greatest shaving experience possible.

Shave with Benefits is a luxurious botanical shaving foam that goes on easily, conditions you skin, and provides a close, smooth shave for all types and textures… no matter how sensitive. You deserve skin that looks, feels and smells amazing.

We recognize the importance of being responsible for the environment, so we are doing our part. Our ingredients are botanical and 100% sustainable. Nothing dies to make this product. Our patented formula can be applied to your razor in between shaves to extend the life for months at a time, which keeps them out of landfills.

Irritation from shaving is often exacerbated by the harmful and sometimes toxic chemicals used by others in manufacturing their products. Your skin deserves better, so we blended these botanical foams to be so healing, cleansing and moisturizing that many also love to use them as a face and body wash. Please try them to see for yourself.”


What is your most popular product?

“shave with benefits”


Why do people love it?

“They love that they get a smooth, quick and comfortable shave every time. Freedom from nicks, cuts, razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs.

They love our 100% botanical and renewable resource ingredients.

They love that eco-armour is patented to improve razor performance and dramatically extend useful blade life, saving money hassle and the environment. ”


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