Barleans company profile


What does your company stand for?

“Barlean’s manufactures and distributes high quality organic flaxseed oils, fish oils, green superfoods and other premium supplements in both liquid and softgels. Barlean’s is family owned and operated with a fishing heritage dating back four generations. Recognized internationally as the “Omega-3 Specialists,” Barlean’s is the winner of multiple awards for the freshest and highest quality products.”



What is your most popular product?

“Omega-3 solutions (flaxseed oil, fish oil and chia seeds).”


Why do people love it?

“Family owned and operated makers of the finest and freshest organic flaxseed oil, Fresh Catch fish oil, green food supplements and other premium essential fatty acid products. Barlean’s is GMP compliant and guarantees that every pure & pristine drop is the freshest and best tasting.

All Barlean’s products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”


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