Natural Headache Remedies

The team at Dr. Axe, a site that advocates food as medicine, produced this excellent infographic on natural headache remedies.


Menstrual Cramps Natural Treatments

There are numerous holistic remedies for menstrual cramps, dysmenorrhea

Natural Treatments

Acupressure A traditional technique of Chinese origin, acupressure therapy has been practiced for several centuries to treat a variety of diseases. It is often included in massage therapy training. Acupuncture The Chinese believe putting needles in certain locations can rebalance one’s qi to provide relief. The stimulation of certain nerves, muscles and connective tissues can […]

Health Conditions

Ankylosing Spondylitis An inflammatory disease that affects the joints (called the sacroiliac joints) in the lower back in between the spine and pelvis.   Asthma A chronic inflammatory condition of the bronchial airways commonly associated with wheezing, increased mucus secretions and reduced lung expansion. Bursitis An inflammation of the body’s small fluid-filled sacs that cushion […]

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