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WholesomeOne does not sell any products directly but provides links to purchase on other web sites, such as Amazon, GNC, Gaiam, The Vitamin Shoppe, and others. For each purchase that originates on WholesomeOne.com, the site that takes the order pays WholesomeOne a small referral commission on the sale.

Products on WholesomeOne.com have been researched and curated from various sources. The goal is to provide an assortment of products that are either the highest rated by customers, lowest priced, or recommended by health professionals. New products and services from companies that support WholesomeOne with sponsorship are also included. It each case, the web page with the product will state why the product is being displayed.

By starting your shopping process on WholesomeOne and transacting your purchase with one of our approved online retailers, you support WholesomeOne. Thank you for that!

If you plan to buy a product on Amazon.com, that is not found on WholesomeOne, you can still support us. Just click here to go to the Amazon.com homepage, and any purchases you make, Amazon will pay us a referral commission on the sale. Doing this for all of your Amazon purchases would be very helpful, and it costs you nothing.

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Product Manufacturers & Distributors

If you have a natural holistic health product that you would like to promote to the WholesomeOne community, please contact sales[at]wholesomeone[dot]com.