Working Your Chest for Weight Loss

Chest Exercise

For men working your chest is going to give you some great pectoral muscles, which in a study was shown to be the second sexiest muscle group next to the abdomen. For women working the chest is going to allow for some incredible fat burn.

The chest is home to some of the largest muscles in your body. The pectoral major is massive; some people think that the chest is made of more than one muscle, but in fact it is all one muscle… at least the one you see is. There is actually the pectoral minor that is hidden underneath the pectoral major; this is a smaller muscle that is going to help in adduction of the arm and also flexion shoulder.

With these two massive muscles being worked your body is going to need a large amount of calories to burn. Not only that, when you work the chest you have to use a great number of arm muscles in combination, thus creating more calorie burn than we previously thought necessary. This begs the question, what are some great ways to build pecks and burn fat?

First off is the traditional pushup. This is an amazing exercise, because it is actually going to require holding continuous tension in your core while you do it. Pushups are definitely better for weight loss rather than bulking your pectorals, but at the same time they are also going to create some hard definition in your chest.

The best part about the pushup, anyone can do it. So if you are just a little kid who still hasn’t hit puberty doing pushups is going to be the only way you can work your chest without stunting your growth. This is because they are a body weight exercise, meaning the tension is going to reverberate through your entire body rather than isolating specific muscles.

For those of us who are not worried about messing up our pubescent cycle there are always weights. This is going to be the fastest way in developing real mass fast. Isolating muscles through weight lifting allows you to put all your energy into working that specific point of your body. More energy expenditure to one point is going to allow for max gain.

I would recommend working on two separate machines, the fly machine and the bench press. Also it is good to keep pushups as part of your pec routine, thus keeping your muscles even and hard. Just doing weight lifting only can create that saggy muscle look, which makes you look fat when wearing a shirt.

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