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What if There Was Only One Disease?

Modern medicine poses major limitations with curing illness, however, Raymond Francis has developed a way to treat the symptoms of illnesses by attacking them as only one disease, naturally.

These days, despite countless dollars invested into medical research, more people live their lives managing chronic and acute illnesses and have greater fear of the “big bad” that is still yet to come. Yet we claim that we are so much better off now than we were more than a century ago when modern medicine began. We look down on other nations and cultures who still consider traditional healing methods such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese medicine, and herbalism uncivilized. They must not live as long as people who have the great benefits of Western Medicine, right? These “uncivilized” elders might not need statin drugs, acid-reducing drugs, and regular doses of anti-inflammatory medications just to get out of the house, instead they are using is turmeric, ginger, and cardamom tea though.

All of this money spent in Western medical efforts to find “THE CURE” – the pills, vaccines, infusions, radiologic treatments to make people live longer with their diseases—but how much of these efforts actually go into finding the cause of the diseases themselves? Instead more money has to go towards new research to combat iatrogenic diseases (diseases caused by the medications and treatments themselves). It seems that modern medical research is just digging our society deeper and deeper into disease. It frustrates me to no end that due to politics “big pharma”, and “big food”, most people think this is all normal and that disease is inevitable.

It doesn’t have to be this way

What if we take all of the politics, all of the marketing, and all of the confusion out of the equation? Western medicine, as it is today, has done a very good job at “educating” people to live with their diseases. They have successfully sent out the message that it’s OK to ingest food-like substances from boxes and cans, indulge in salty, greasy, sugary fast food meals to convenience and time saving, and ignore the body’s need for physical activity. It’s OK because one can just take a magic pill and any discomfort or symptoms caused by poor diet and lifestyle choices will go away.

I prefer to do the opposite. I prefer to educate with the idea that people don’t have to get sick and suffer as they age. They don’t have to consume pillboxes full of medications on a regular basis just to go about their daily routines. It just takes a shift in awareness and routine. One of my most recent revelations is that it’s just as easy to make a good decision as it is to make a bad one—therefore it is just as easy to choose health as it is to choose illness. Fortunately, I’m not alone in my thought process. I recently had the great pleasure to interview Raymond Francis—a true example of the human body’s ability to heal itself when given what it needs in order to function properly.

Raymond Francis was supposed to die

He’s also a rock-star pioneer in holistic health. Raymond Francis was supposed to die. At age 48, Raymond Francis was diagnosed with an illness that by all medical logic and explanation should have killed him, with or without treatment and it would have had he not been an M.I.T. educated biochemist. Francis figured that if his death was inevitable regardless of treatment, then he’d take the time he had left and used his own knowledge of biochemistry to research his disease on a cellular level. He started asking the question of why people get sick…and once cellular or molecular damage has been done, how can that person get healthy again?

Raymond Francis is now almost 74 years old. In the last 27 years the only illness he has had was two colds—he was quick to add that he had good excuses for each cold—I got a chuckle out of that. He is energetic, active, is the international chairman of The Project to End Disease, is the president of Beyond Health International, and has written several books. His most recent release entitled Never Fear Cancer Again presents new findings on cancer prevention and the efficacy of using natural remedies and healthy food and lifestyle choices to heal the body from cancer. “Natural and dirt cheap substances like turmeric and ginger have consistently been found to effectively shrink tumors and combat the spread of cancer, but they don’t get the attention they deserve because there is little profit in them for the major drug companies.” Furthermore, “scientists discovered that chemotherapy actually heavily damages healthy cells and subsequently triggers them to release a protein that sustains and fuels tumor growth,” says Francis.

It took Francis two years to heal his body and restore his health, and he hasn’t looked back since. He very clearly states that he is a living miracle and it is only due to his extensive academic and scientific knowledge as a biochemist that he was able to heal his condition. Without it, he would have died, like most members of the general public who have been diagnosed with the same illness have. He resigned from his high level position in 1991 and has devoted his life to educating American people since and has made it his mission to prevent this from happening to more people by sharing his knowledge in a way that is easy to digest and utilize—no degree from M.I.T. is necessary. In his own words, Francis’ theory and his Beyond Health Model “empowers the average person to be able to do this for themselves with a system so simple it can be taught to children. It can be understood how and why this works in very concrete terms—they just get it. We need to teach people that it is possible to have this level of health—contrary to what we are taught by modern medicine.”

One disease, two causes

Raymond Francis’ theory states that there is only one disease—the disease of the malfunctioning cell. Wherever the malfunction occurs is where the disease will manifest; if it occurs in the breast – breast cancer might occur, if it occurs in the motor part of the brain – Parkinson’s disease might occur, if the malfunction occurs in the hippocampus – Alzheimer’s might result. You get the idea. The malfunctioning cell is the only cause of disease and everything else is just a symptom. This might be easy to believe for the common cold, but Francis’ research indicates that this is true for all symptoms and diseases, even tumors and cancer. Cancer is not something that can just be cut out or fried with radiation. “A tumor is a side effect of cancer. Cancer is the biological process that produces the tumor. Simply removing or ‘killing’ the tumor will not rid the body of the cancer itself, because its process is still operating” as stated by the renowned health advocate.

Francis postulates that there are only two causes for this cellular malfunction – deficiency and toxicity. To explain deficiency, he uses the analogy that “the body is a huge chemical factory. To produce healthy, properly functioning cells, it needs the correct raw materials. If the wrong raw materials are ingested, malfunction occurs.” To simplify it further, Francis explains that “Each cell has a grocery list that we must supply it with every day. If it doesn’t get every item on the list every day, something will go wrong.” To prevent deficiency, one must start with the diet first and foremost. Francis advocates a diet that is mostly plant-based, with very little amounts of high quality (meaning organic, grass fed, pasture-raised) animal protein. Diets rich in Vitamin C, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals like magnesium and zinc are crucial cellular building blocks.

Supplementation is often appropriate for people in today’s society, and the quality of the supplement is paramount. According to Francis, who formulates the Beyond Health supplements, “Many inexpensive supplements found at drug stores and even in health food stores and websites are made from synthetic molecules which are theoretically identical to the same nutrients found in foods, but are in fact fundamentally different in how they fit into the body’s metabolic system. It’s like trying to jam the wrong key into a lock—in the body’s case this jammed lock de-activates the body’s enzymes.” Other issues with commercial supplements are that they are likely to be synthesized from GMO foods like corn, might not be formulated in a stabilized way (meaning that they are likely to oxidize and produce free radicals in the body), or they might be contaminated with solvent residue. High quality, biologically correct supplements are expensive—but like many other things in life, you get what you pay for. Francis says, and I’ve said this before myself, “The most expensive vitamin is the one that doesn’t work.” meaning that if money is an issue, people are better off buying no supplements at all than they are buying the cheap stuff.

The concept of the other cause, toxicity, is one that is more difficult for people to understand because unlike weight gain or a tumor, they can’t see toxins. Most people’s bodies are veritable as Francis states “toxic dumpsites of 300 to 500 man-made chemicals—most of which did not exist years ago.” Toxins from vaccines, antibiotics, chemicals in foods, as well as environmental pollutants have the ability to permanently destroy cells. Lead and mercury – two of the most common heavy metals found in the human body – shut down the body’s metabolic and cellular processes. Therefore, detoxification is very important if the body is going to heal itself. In his own recovery, Francis relied heavily on regular use of the sauna. After a decade of using the sauna for 90 minutes twice a week, his toxic load level was zero. I asked if he recommends using a far infrared sauna, and he said they are definitely more efficient, but if one is not available then a traditional sauna is fine.

The body is a self-repairing system

That’s really the bottom line. It is never too late for the body to have the ability to heal itself – it’s all about the maintenance. The body can only repair itself on a consistent basis if it is given the proper repair tools and its’ system is functioning properly. Once the body stops self-repairing, it gets old. It’s important to constantly keep the body in repair mode, because when you do more damage on a daily basis than repair, the systems will shut down. Raymond Francis explains this concept best in his book Never Be Sick Again: Health is a Choice, Learn How to Choose It, with the following equation:

Health = Positive Things – Negative Things

“The quality of your health is determined by the positive things you do for your body minus the negative things you do to your body.” It really is that simple, and it really is a choice.

By Rachael Pontillo, AADP, CHC, BS, LE

Rachael is AADP board certified holistic health coach, licensed aesthetician, and wellness entrepreneur.  She is the founder of the health and wellness company, Holistically Haute™, LLC and is the publisher of the popular skincare and wellness blog, Holistically Haute™.  Additionally, Rachael has had articles published in leading aesthetics trade publications and several leading online magazines. She currently works with individual clients and groups in the Philadelphia area, nationwide and in Canada and teaches classes in the Philadelphia metro area on the topics of natural skincare, health, nutrition, and wellness. Rachael also enjoys public speaking, and has lectured at national holistic health and skincare conferences.


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