Using Vitamin B12 to Fight Osteoarthritis

Vitamin B12 to Fight Osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis, a degenerative form of arthritis that attacks the joints, is a source of pain and stiffness for many sufferers. There are many therapeutic options to help treat some of the symptoms, many of which are derived from nutritional sources. Recent research, however, has shown that foods rich in vitamin B12 have shown significant reduction in pain, tenderness, and overall stiffness in joints. In fact, those that incorporated the appropriate amounts of vitamin B12 into their diets showed significantly less dependence on pain medications over a 2 month period. Here are some quality food sources that are rich in vitamin B12.

Osteoarthritis is a difficult and constant battle for those that suffer from it, but there are nutritional changes that can help. Adding foods that add vitamin B12 in the appropriate amounts have shown to greatly reduce the discomfort associated with the condition. Simple additions like whole milk, eggs, and salmon offer a drug-free solution to the pain and stiffness that go hand in hand with osteoarthritis.


Natural Treatment for Osteoarthritis

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