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Using Massage Techniques to Treat Headaches

When a headache strikes, instead of reaching for aspirin, use your hands to massage it away.

There are many remedies and medications that you can take to help alleviate a throbbing head. However, by using some simple massage techniques you can work your way through most types of headaches. Overall, the main technique needed to combat any headache due to muscular tension or illness can be treated with 3 basic techniques:

  • Using your pointer finger and middle finger, gently knead between your eyebrows 30 times.
  • Using your thumbs, knead the area around your temples 30 times the wipe your thumb back towards your hair line on both sides 30 times.
  • Press and knead the area just below your skull line 30 times, applying more pressure gradually as you go.

If your headaches are more specific you can add to the basic techniques mentioned with a few simple moves that target chronic areas. For a migraine, simply knead the corners of your forehead with your middle fingers inside the hairline for at least 30 seconds. You can also adjust slightly for a headache in the crown of your head by using all of your fingers to knead the crown of your head for 30 seconds. Finally, headaches in the back of the head and neck can be helped by gently massaging the area at the back of the head where your neck begins for about 30 seconds.

When all else fails, massage the inside of the palm of your hand for a minute then the back of calves for a minute. This will stimulate blood flow away from the head and neck and towards the hands and feet. This can help lessen the pressure that is often associated with a headache.

Whether your headaches are tension, illness, or muscular, there is a massaging motion that can help reduce the pain and pressure without introducing major medication into your body. Combined with common techniques such as cold compresses and breathing exercises, you could eliminate your headaches altogether.


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