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Using Hydrotherapy to Ease Pregnancy Symptoms

Ease pregnancy discomforts with basic Hydrotherapy techniques.

For many women that are pregnant, this time of their lives can be exhausting and uncomfortable. With few medicinal options to relieve discomfort during pregnancy, many women are turning towards Hydrotherapy to provide relief. Hydrotherapy is a natural way to allow a pregnant body to improve circulation, relieve pressure, and ease common pains with just a few simple Hydrotherapy techniques.

Soaking in a warm bath is the most popular form of hydrotherapy for most pregnant woman. It is important to note that hot tubs are off-limits during pregnancy, but a warm soak can help improve circulation around the uterus and pelvis. It can also relieve muscle tension in the lower back and legs. This method can also be used during labor to help make the process more comfortable. Soaking in a warm birthing pool relieves pressure on the spine, allowing the pelvis to open more. This can make delivery smoother and less painful.

Another Hydrotherapeutic method that can be used during pregnancy is to employ moist compression. Using a cold compress on the back of the neck can often help pregnant woman combat the bouts of exhaustion that are often associated with pregnancy. It is also recommended to use a warm compress on the lower back to alleviate muscle pain and pressure from the mom-to-be’s growing tummy. The same approaches can be used during labor to help with both pain and exhaustion. Another use of cold Hydrotherapy is spraying cold water on both the face and neck during labor as it helps with concentration and calmness.

Finally, during pregnancy, using a foot bath can greatly alleviate discomforts associated with pregnancy. Both warm and cold foot baths will have different effects. Using a cold foot bath will help with swollen achy feet that many pregnant women experience. While a warm foot bath will help relax aching feet from the extra weight and work that feet bear during pregnancy. It is important to ask a doctor before using any oils or extracts in a foot bath as some may not be recommended during pregnancy.

Hydrotherapy in its basic definition is a use of water for therapeutic applications and for pregnancy it is one of the most natural forms of relief that is available. Whether in a tub or from a spray bottle, hydrotherapy can give most women a sense of relief when pregnancy and even labor become too uncomfortable.


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