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Using Gym Equipment Correctly To Treat Osteoarthritis

Fitness training can have great results for Osteoarthritis patients when equipment is used correctly.

Osteoarthritis has a long list of symptoms that generally have long-term physical impacts. With the onset of pain, sufferers often reach for both over the counter medications and prescription medication. With OA patients, however, it is often suggested to incorporate a strong fitness routine to both increase strength and improve joint mobility. Using gym equipment can have many positive results for OA when used correctly.

The best equipment to incorporate into a fitness routine for Osteoarthritis are those that of a low impact work out on the joints and muscles. Great examples of quality gym equipment to use for treatment include a stationary bike and the elliptical machine. These both provide movement that encourages range of motion and strengthening, especially for the knees and hips which are oftentimes big problem areas for OA patients.

Low weight training can also be extremely beneficial when trying to treat Osteoarthritis. Using resistance training can help to strengthen the muscles and joints that are affected. Just adding free weights and doing light lifts and shoulder rolls can help build muscle stamina and increase range of motion in the shoulders and joints throughout the arms.

One of the easiest pieces of equipment to use, that can be tremendously beneficial for OA patients, is the treadmill. Walking every day not only increases joint motion, but also keeps muscles loose and moving. Using a treadmill in the home or gym eliminates weather influences that can sometimes be a big issue for OA patients. Adding some light ankle weights can further provide strength in the knees and hips.

When used correctly, gym equipment certainly has a place in the treatment of Osteoarthritis. Utilizing fitness equipment can provide relief, strength, and stamina for OA patients without introducing more medications. It is important to note that any fitness plan should be closely monitored by a doctor and/or a trained fitness professional to ensure safety and success. However, adding a fitness routine into the care plan for OA patients can prove to be extremely beneficial and have long term positive results.

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