Using Chiropractic Therapy to Ease Tension and Migraine Headaches

Chiropractic Therapy Eases Migraines

Tension and migraine headaches affect more than 30 million people a year with debilitating symptoms such as pain, throbbing, nausea, sensitivity to light, tired muscles, and achiness. With the affliction ranging in severity from person to person, it is becoming more common to explore holistic approaches to treating the symptoms from tension and migraine headaches. One approach that has gained popularity is to utilize chiropractic therapy to help provide relief.

Chiropractic therapy uses the theory that spinal alignment and proper placement can help keep the body balanced and in proper working order. When used for tension and migraine treatment, chiropractors will try to align the vertebrae to try to alleviate any nerve irritation. Chiropractors believe that nerve irritation along the spine can create chemical imbalances in the brain – which is the number one cause of migraines. When attention is given to posture spine in alignment, the nerves function freely and without interruption.

Chiropractic therapy is also useful with tension headaches by relieving pressure in the upper part of the spine and neck that can be caused by misalignment. When vertebrae are out of place the body reacts on a muscular level. This will lead to tension build up throughout the neck and shoulders. This buildup will eventually gravitate upwards through the head. Getting your spine adjusted and placed properly can relieve the pressure to these areas, thus relieving tension headaches.

Visiting a chiropractor for tension or migraine headaches can range from one visit for a simple misalignment to multiple visits to help treat chronic conditions. Most sessions will provide immediate relief from the symptoms associated with these headaches but proper posture, consistent stretching, and good spine health are required for more permanent relief. Chiropractic therapy can you help retrain yourself to maintain proper alignment on a daily basis and subsequently alleviate tension and migraine headaches.


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