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How To Cure and Clean…Anything. Use Thieves Oil

How do you fight a cold when you feel that first tickle in your throat?

When you travel do you feel uneasy about the germs on the hotel room bedspread or furniture upholstery?

Does old food stick to your countertops and stove?

These issues might seem like they each require their own product, but Thieves oil and its oil-based product line can resolve them all.

Thieves oil is a blend of clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus radiata oils that has been University-tested and found to be highly effective against airborne bacteria, fungus, molds and viruses.

In my family we use Thieves oil for everything. We diffuse it in a cold-air essential oil diffuser, which prevents heat elimination of some of the oil’s valuable qualities. We apply it topically on cuts and infections. We even take it in capsules internally, which we can do because each of the oils used in this blend is of the highest therapeutic-grade quality.

My husband pours Thieves oil into a capsule and swallows it at the first sign of any tickle in his throat or stuffiness in his nose. He may take it only once, or he might repeat it every 2 1/2 hours during the day, depending on the results (which of course depend on how quickly he notices the warning signs). He hasn’t been sick in years. Young Living, a Utah-based company that oversees and controls its essential oils and oil-based products “from the seed to the seal,” has developed several Thieves-based products that expand use of the oil to everything from a throat remedy to a household cleaner.

When I notice a tickle or slight soreness in my throat, I take a Thieves Hard Lozenge. (There are soft ones available, too.) These lozenges are HOT (cinnamon and cloves)! If I keep the lozenge between the back teeth and the cheek and allow the “juice” to dribble along the back of my throat, it usually eradicates the soreness, usually after just one lozenge.

Sometimes I spray Thieves Spray into my throat to alleviate soreness. I mostly, however, use this spray when I travel. I spray it into the air around my head in a crowded auditorium or on an airplane when people are coughing.

How many times have you avoided sitting on a hotel bedspread where thousands of people have sat between washings? I spray up, down and across the spread, on the chair upholstery, even on the curtains sometimes. Then, I sit where I please! The Thieves oil also smells good, giving the room a pleasant scent.

Toothpaste and Mouthwash, Too! A few years ago a dental hygienist commented on my gums: “Wow, they’re really in good condition for someone of your age!” I ignored that last part and told her that I use only Thieves toothpaste. I had never given my toothpaste a thought, so I was impressed when she made that comment.

I have a client who uses the toothpaste and the mouthwash – very intense and very effective. Her gums and teeth were in poor condition and she used the mouthwash every few hours. Within one week her mouth showed a significant improvement.

Dental floss, wipes, alcohol-free waterless hand purifier, and bar and foaming hand soaps are all part of the Thieves line. One of the greatest Thieves products, though, is the Thieves Household Cleaner.

Laundry and Dishwasher Detergent When Young Living came out with the Thieves cleaner I was immediately disgusted and thought: “Oh, for heavens’ sake! It probably doesn’t clean anything!” I finally decided to try it, not expecting much, but I kept hearing people say they used it in their laundry, in their dishwasher, in several places – and with good results.

I tried the cleaner and quickly changed my tune! It CLEANED like the best cleaner I’d ever had – and it is classified as “green.”

There are two difficult things to clean out of fabrics: blood – especially older blood stains – and diarrhea stains. The Thieves Household Cleaner can meet these cleaning challenges.

Thieves products also can get rid of mold. This is one of its greatest benefits! After the Northeast flooding this past year we cleared entire basements of mold with Thieves products.

No More Smelly Running Shoes Here’s a tip I learned from a friend of mine: Mix one cup of water with two tablespoons of Thieves Household Cleaner in a spray bottle. Keep the spray bottle right by the door and spray the cleaning mixture into shoes once a week. That will keep them smelling fresh – no more “feet” smell when walking by the shoes and boots lined up by the door!

Another friend told me that when her beautiful red flowering rhododendron plant got covered in sticky insects she took the spray bottle of water and Thieves Household Cleaner and thoroughly sprayed her plant one evening.

A few days later when she went into the garden she saw that the rhododendron plant had the beginnings of new green leaves – and no more sticky stuff. All insects had disappeared.

Promoting Health When I re-read this article I worried that I had gotten carried away. I asked my husband and he said: “It may feel to you like you’re promoting. But the fact is, you’re not promoting the product. You’re promoting the health of people reading this. You’re promoting their well-being. It’s for them.”

So, dear readers, here’s to you! Here’s to your health and to your ease and joy in life. And if nothing else, here’s to piquing your interest in a different (and safe) kind of product.

– By Nandini Weitzman
Nandini Weitzman, CCN, BRCP(Eng), is licensed as a Clinical Nutritionist in the state of New York.

She is also an Alternative Health Practitioner who has been using Young Living Essential Oils and oil-based products for 13 years, both in and out of her practice.

She has the rank of Gold in her work with the oils. Nandini can be reached at

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