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Stuffy Nose -Try a Neti Pot

Use your Neti Pot to combat this years sniffles, seasonal allergies, and even reduce snoring.

Whether its spring & fall allergies or winter cold season, millions of people every day are struggling with stuffed nasal passages and painful sinus pressure. Before you reach some OTC remedy that may not even work, try something that has been used successfully for years – a Neti Pot.

Derived from India hundreds of years ago, the Neti Pot is a small ceramic or plastic pot that is designed to create a flow of cleansing solution through your nasal passages. Most commonly, users create a saline solution with basic table salt and distilled or boiled water that is then heated to lukewarm and run from one side of the nasal opening to the other. There are companies that sell solutions for use in the Neti Pot, however, a basic saline solution is all that is necessary for proper irrigation of nasal passages and there is less chemical influence by doing so.

While the Neti Pot has been endorsed by Ayurveda practitioners and yoga instructors for years, it has recently become a more main stream approach to ailments such as the common cold, allergies, sinus infections, and headaches. The continual irrigation of sinus passages helps clear excess mucous, reduce nasal dryness, improve taste and smell, and even help reduce snoring. The Neti Pot is not new technology, but rather a tried and true natural method to clearing nasal passages and treating common ailments associated with it.