Reflexology: A Chain Reaction for Treating Osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disorder that attacks the joints and connective tissues involved with joint movement. Essentially, Osteoarthritis can be considered an imbalance in the joint system with very specific chemical discrepancies. This, however, is exactly why a therapy like reflexology is the perfect answer to treating Osteoarthritis.

Reflexology utilizes the idea of balance and energy to help promote self-healing. With a condition such as Osteoarthritis, this theory can assist in building a care plan that relies less on medicine and more on mind, matter, and flow. For example, a reflexologist may use specific reflex and pressure points in the feet to stimulate energy flow from the top of the body to the bottom of the toes. This specific flow will encourage more circulation of blood and help a patient relax.

Relaxation is also a key component to treating Osteoarthritis. Using reflex points that stimulate relaxation such as points in the hand and feet can help to relieve overall tension in the muscles that connect to joints. This will alleviate or eliminate pressure that is put on joint connections and subsequently help to decrease pain and fatigue to the muscles surrounding them.

The biological reaction to reflexology varies from person to person, however for most it does have a tendency to promote energy and reduce fatigue. This increase in energy can help a person remain in motion, thus increasing flexibility and range of motion. It will also decrease stiffness and pain associated with it.

Reflexology can create a chain reaction that can promote self-healing and restore balance in a person’s body that suffers from Osteoarthritis. Encouraging energy flow and relaxation can be vital for quality of life and movement. Over time, it may become possible to decrease medication in lieu of a treatment plan that utilizes reflexology to establish natural balance.


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