Reflexology and Its Use with Chronic Pain

Reflex Points

Reflexology is an ancient therapeutic approach that has long been utilized to help deal with chronic pain. Chronic pain can come from a variety of conditions such as migraines, osteoarthritis, fatigue, and fibromyalgia. All of these conditions can range in symptoms from overall to specified pain, muscle and joint fatigue and tenderness, nausea, and many more. Reflexology, however, has a place in treatment plans for most sources of chronic pain.

The theory behind reflexology comes from a system of self-healing. Reflexology requires using different reflex or pressure points in the body for flow of energy, healing, and balance. Using pressure points throughout the body have specific effects on different kinds of pain. For example, many pressure points throughout the feet and hands have profound effects on migraines, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. Area’s specifically around the toes and fingers have been used for relieve tension and muscle pain which subsequently reduces symptoms from chronic pain conditions.

Another benefit to utilizing reflexology with chronic pain is the relaxing effects it has on the body. Reflexology has been used for centuries for relieving tension and stiff muscles throughout the body. Reflex points in the lower neck, the base of the back, the back of the ankle, and in the wrists can promote relaxation and a sound flow of energy from head to toe. Encouraging relaxation can oftentimes help the body heal or better manage chronic pain from a variety of conditions. 

Reflexology dates back with success through the ages. Long before medicinal approached therapy were established, holistic approaches such as reflexology were treating un-named conditions with astounding results. It only seems natural that using it now can not only encourage healing, but could also give those with chronic pain conditions a new outlet to approaching their condition. Relying less on chemical medicine and more on the power of the body and mind, reflexology could lead a pathway to a pain-free existence.

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