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Penelope Cruz Finds Stress Relief with Auriculotherapy

Today’s celebrities are embracing natural, drug-free therapies to help reduce stress in their busy lives. One growing trend that stars like Penelope Cruz are embracing is a form of acupuncture known as auriculotherapy.

Seen at a recent red carpet event, Cruz sported the signature line of beads on the inside of her ear – the reflexology points that are common for stress relief. While the beads may look stylish, they are more of a bandage used after the therapy to “potentiate the treatment” following the actual acupuncture session.  The actual session consists of inserting the needles into specific parts of the ear at points leading down the ear that are said to calm heart, mind, spleen, set forth balance.

Auriculotherapy has been used to help increase relaxation, increase fertility, and has even been used to reduce hunger for those on weight management diets. This form of acupuncture in conjunction to stress management therapy tends to treat the patient as whole instead of just symptoms exhibited.

While it is still a growing therapy and not widely used, Penelope Cruz, working mom with the same stressors as most,  may have introduced to the world the next trend in stress management with auriculotherapy.



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