Music Therapy Gives Autism a Voice

music therapy

Therapies for autism have grown over the years as our knowledge of the condition has expanded. One newer form of therapy that is emerging is music therapy. It’s been reported to help patients with even the most severe form of autism discover techniques to break down the language and communication barrier and develop interpersonal, personal responsibility and play skills for young children with ASD.

While the therapy does take time to integrate into a learning system, it has been reported in many studies to have a profound affect in communication. Often times it results with patients using more complete sentences, answering and asking questions, and even prompting compliments.

Music therapy is thought to engage the “brain regions that overlap the human mirror neuron system” and because it involves both hemispheres of the brain it helps to stimulate cognitive function. This process leads to increased communication, verbal response, and personal association that many autistic patients can lack.

The research is still coming in but overall studies have shown that music therapy has a positive effect on cognitive behavior over those with placebo or no treatment at all. This treatment combined with other treatment methods could bring down the wall between autism and communication, paving the way for us to understand the condition and treat it in a progressive way.


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