Meditation to get to Sleep

Meditation to get to Sleep

People who have trouble getting to sleep often have difficulty relaxing. An ongoing series of mental and physical irritations prevent sleep from arriving – their mind races, their body is restless, and their breath is uneven.

Relaxation techniques specifically designed to soothe tight muscles, increase regular respiration and clear the mind are particularly useful to ward off insomnia.

Meditation is a relaxation technique that can help one find the way to dreamland. Guided visual meditation technique includes closing the eyes, thinking of a peaceful object or scene, visualizing its detail and taking calming breaths.

Bedtime Zen has created this holistic, natural guided meditation to help people fall asleep more quickly and regularly. YouTube comments include, “This is amazing! So relaxing. Didn’t think it would actually work but it sent me straight to sleep. Thank you.” The video combines background music and sounds, with a soothing voice that will gently guide you to sleep.

[themedy_media type=”youtube” url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2qD_TAcz0E”]

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