Massage to Stimulate Weight Loss

3 Ways Massage Stimulates Weight Loss

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There are many weight management programs that focus on the typical regimes with weight loss – calorie intake, physical activity, and supplementation. However, there is a way to stimulate weight loss that can be incorporated with a weight loss program – Stomach massage.

It may seem comical that something as relaxing and refreshing as massage could actually increase weight loss, but recent studies have shown that introducing abdominal massage into your weight management can actually make your program more successful. Adding massage basically does 3 things to increase weight loss.

Stimulates Digestion – Stimulating digestion helps to better manage how your body processes calories and food intake for better energy. This will help keep the calories that are ingested be burned and utilized quicker.

Reduces Stress – By reducing stress levels, the body also reduces the production of Cortisol (the hormone that increases belly fat). By limiting the amount of Cortisol the body produces, it is easier to maintain weight that is lost overall.

Increases Relaxation – By adding massage in a weight loss program, your mind and muscles will learn to relax more effectively. This will allow your muscles to respond better to physical activity and subsequently will tone up quicker. Also, when your mind is relaxed you are more likely to commit to the program and feel more positive about the results.

Edan Harari of Kinetic Massage Therapy says, “Abdominal massage, as well as any type of bodywork that focuses on the organs (viscera), may help stimulate other organs in the abdominal region to function better. In general, visceral manipulation may benefit chronic muscle pain, headaches, acid reflux and heartburn, sciatica and emotional issues.”

While massage alone is not the answer to weight loss, adding it to a weight loss program can increase success for many people. It’s a simple, natural, and enjoyable way to add to your overall weight goals.

Reviewed by Edan Harari, LMT



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