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Lemon Water, First Trimester Tonic

In the first trimester, many women reach for ginger ale to calm a queasy stomach. But even if the ginger ale is organic, it still has a ton of SUGAR in it. I tried lemon water as a substitute and here’s what I learned.

Typically, in the first trimester, many women, including myself, reach for ginger ale to calm a queasy stomach. But even if the ginger ale is organic, it still has a ton of sugar in it. And we all know, sugar is the devil.

One day, I had a very strong craving for lemonade. It was too late to run out somewhere and get it, and I happened to have one fresh lemon on hand at the house. So I figured, what the hey, I will make myself some lazy homemade lemonade and see if it does the trick. And sure it enough, it totally hit the spot and it made me feel better. Really feel better, not the momentary “better” that sugar makes you feel, and then you feel 10 times worse a few minutes later.

I have continued my lemon water tonic since then and it still amazes me. It immediately settles my stomach and makes me feel better. And I feel great knowing that I am not putting any sugar into my body and growing baby.

I love that I am getting vitamins, nutrients and minerals (lemons are high in potassium, citric acid, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium) in the form whole foods.

Here are some other benefits of Lemon Water:

  • It is a very mild detox. It helps any bacteria or toxins that build up, get flushed out of your system, by stimulating your liver to just plain work better.
  • It aids in digestion, helping to move things along. And if you are pregnant, you know that getting a little help to move things along is very needed! It also helps with heartburn, which thank God, I have not had to experience yet (maybe it’s the lemon water!), but when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had it so bad, I had a bottle of Tums glued to my hands at all times!
  • All that calcium and magnesium you are getting goes to your baby and will help them build strong bones.
  • It lowers blood pressure.
  • It tastes good!

Be sure to take a swig of regular water after you drink your glass of lemon water, the acidity can hurt your teeth’s enamel.

Did you drink lemon water while pregnant? What benefits did you see?

Stephanie Brandt Cornais has one daugther, Penelope born on 11.11.09. You can find her at her blog,