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Just a Spoonful of Honey?

We might all be reaching for the newest over-the-counter cold remedy if it weren’t for those darned side effects — one medication makes you feel jittery while the other sends you into such a deep sleep, you fear you won’t be able to wake up in the morning. But you’ve got to do something — your stuffed nose is making it hard to breathe and that loud cough is keeping the whole family awake! Travis Stork, M.D. one of the co-hosts of The Doctors offers 5 “Natural Cold Cures".

They relieve your nagging cold symptoms with zero side-effects! And guess what? They are all tied to keeping your nasal passages and your throat moist and clear.

1. Stay Hydrated!

Water helps thin out mucus. It's one of the reasons why chicken noodle soup has worked for centuries! Drink as much water, herbal tea, and juice as you can. 

2. Soothe that cough with honey!

Not only does it taste and feel good, but honey has powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant effects on the body.

3. Keep your nasal passages moist.

Cold viruses populate in dry nasal passages. Use a humidifier, spray saline solution, inhale steam in the shower — anything to keep the inside of your nose wet.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup!

Not only does it help keep you hydrated, but the chicken, carrots, onions and celery will give you important nutrients and antioxidants.

5. More moisture.

In addition to saline solution and using a humidifier, try a neti pot — this is a wonderful way to clear out your nasal passages while at the same time keeping them moist. And unlike pharmaceutical decongestants, they do not help your congestion return.