Jennifer Aniston Uses Yoga to Find Balance

Jennifer Aniston Yoga

Alternative medicine is something that can change our daily routine, calm us, heal headaches and numerous other common ailments and concerns. That could be why stars like Jennifer Aniston and are jumping on the band wagon to utilize Yoga as a powerful health practice.

Jennifer Aniston, a glowing example of holistic health, has turned to the practice of Yoga to provide balance and comfort in her life. Particularly with Yoga, it was a moment after her first session with a friend that she felt great balance and focus, along with a feeling she hadn’t felt before. That feeling was described as knowing she was right where she needed be at just the right time – presence.

From that moment forward, she practiced and mastered the art of yoga as a disciple of the ancient art. Her instructor and person credited with introducing Aniston to Yoga is Mandy Ingber. As a well-known Instructor of Yogalosophy, Ingber encouraged Anistion to embrace a way of life when she needed to be centered and find balance. Ingber states that Jennifer is extremely good at balancing poses and can outlast her any day on balance poses, citing Tree pose as Aniston’s favorite.

The practice of Yoga has given Aniston amazing presence and her body is proof of that. At 41 years old, the star looks better than ever.


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