Hydrotherapy for Migraine and Tension Headaches

Hot Towel

Migraine headaches can begin from a variety of sources. Some of these can include stress, lack of sleep, loud music, smells, and even certain lighting play a role in bringing on migraines. One the most complained sources of migraines come from tension – the most common form or headache aside from migraines. Treating tension headaches and ultimately migraines can be done easily at home with some basic hydrotherapy techniques and can stop the discomfort from both in its tracks.

Starting with a major source of migraines, the tension headache can easily be relieved at home with hydrotherapy with a few simple steps. Starting with two bowls of water – one with ice water and one with hot tap water that doesn’t exceed 110° for safety – and soak one towel in each. Begin with the hot towel and place it on the back of the neck for up to 5 minutes. Follow it with the cold towel for another 5 minutes. Repeat this process up to 3 times for maximum relief.

For migraines, the process requires two bowls of water again – one with ice water and one with hot tap water that doesn’t exceed 110° for safety. This time, however, use the cold towel on the back of the neck while soaking the feet in the hot water for at least 20 minutes. If the migraine does not subside, reverse the application by using a hot towel on the back of the neck and soaking the feet in ice water for 20 minutes.

A remedy, as simple as 2 bowls of water and a couple of towels, could be the difference between debilitating headaches and finding natural relief with hydrotherapy.   Without a lot of know-how or equipment, hydrotherapy can be accomplished at home with incredibly successful results.


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