Homeopathic Remedies for an Ear Infection

Otitis Media is the Latin name for the common middle ear infection associated with a cold or respiratory infection. It usually involves one ear, but it can be both. Pain is generally intense and can come on quickly.

The following homeopathic remedies are indispensable for those suffering with ear pain:

Belladonna This remedy is for symptoms that come on quickly with a lot of pain. Symptoms can be accompanied by high fever and the person's ear may be red externally. When examined, the ear canal may be bright red. On observation, the person's face may be red, their pupils may be dilated and they will often feel hot to the touch on the head and cool to the touch on the hands and feet. A person who needs this remedy will also be very sensitive to light and noise and may be restless and excited.

Chamomilla People who need this remedy are often quite irritable and uncomfortable with the pain. The ear ache can accompany teething in young children or the eruption of wisdom teeth in older teens. In children the pain can feel severe and they may demand to be carried or will be quite irritable.

On observation, the person may appear to have one cheek that is bright red and the other cheek pale. Diarrhea can also be present in the person who needs this remedy.

Hepar Sulphuris Usually this remedy is appropriate when the person feels very chilly and sweats easily and when the ear ache is accompanied by a dry, hoarse, barking cough.

Discharges may be yellow and thick and the pains are splinter-like or darting through the ear. The ear may be sensitive to touch and the pain may feel out of proportion to the actual pain.

The person may be oversensitive to touch, noise, smell and cool drafts or temperature fluctuations.

Pulsatilla A person who needs this remedy may be quite tearful or whiny when they are suffering with ear pain and may desire comfort or affection. The ear pain is usually associated with a cold that produces a thick, bland, greenish-yellow discharge from the nose.

The person usually craves the fresh air and is generally thirstless. Usually little or no appetite is present.

Remedy Guidelines

  • The indicated remedy can be taken in 6C, 30X or 30C potency.
  • Take the medicine according to the severity of the symptoms: Take it more often, such as every one to two hours, if the symptoms are severe, and less often, like every three to four hours, if they are not too bad.
  • Stop the remedy if there are any signs of significant improvement.
  • If you take about six to eight doses and see no response to the symptoms, then it’s likely to be the wrong remedy. Select another remedy or seek professional help.

In addition to the homeopathic remedies listed above, one can add five drops of warmed garlic and mullein oil into the ear canal. People should not do this, however, if there is any discharge coming out of the ear.

Warm compresses also can alleviate some of the pain.

— By Lyn Farrugia

Lyn Farrugia is based in Hopewell and Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J. In addition to her private homeopathic consulting practice she teaches workshops in homeopathy and healing herbs. Read more on her website at lynfarrugiahomeopathy.com

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