Holistic Nutritionist Offers 10 Tips on How to Eat and Live Better

Sally Kravich

Sally Kravich, a holistic nutritionist based in New York and Los Angeles, uses food and thoughts to nourish the body and soul.

Sally, 60 years old, began taking an interest in food and diet at age 12 after suffering from several allergies and chronic asthma bronchitis. In 1963 her family moved to Switzerland where she was surrounded by various cultures. She explored these cultures and their diets and discovered ways to eat better.   Eating cheese by itself caused congestion for Sally. She noticed that the Portuguese ate fruit and cheese together. She then realized she could tolerate cheese and yogurt in limited amounts when she combined them with fruit.

She also took note of the South American diet, which included lots of garlic and hot peppers.   “People ate real food,” she said. She began to understand just how much food companies in the U.S.tamper with food and how U.S.diets are dominated by fake food.

Wheat is everywhere in the U.S. diet, she said. Wheat leads to mucus in the body, wheat turns into sugar and wheat builds fat. She said the quality of nutrients in wheat compared to other grains is similar to the nutrient quality in iceberg lettuce compared to arugula.  

By eliminating wheat and cow milk from her diet as a child she was able to rid herself of her congestion. She then taught her kids what she learned.  “When my children were little I taught them about wheat and white flour and we used it to make paper-mache,” she said.   Sally emphasized the importance of eating well throughout pregnancy and educating children early about how to eat.  

“Children’s taste buds start in the womb,” she said, adding that what we eat when we’re pregnant and when we’re breastfeeding has an effect on how children eat later.  

Sally, who established her holistic health practice more than 25 years ago, said many of her clients come to her after they have exhausted their options with doctors. She cited a client who had Stage 4 Lymphoma and had received surgery and chemotherapy.  

Sally, who works together with clients’ doctors, said this doctor gave her permission to change his diet and give him supplements.   She analyzed the client’s diet and created an eating plan that allowed him to keep all elimination channels clean. That way, his body could flush out the waste from what the chemotherapy was killing off, as well as other toxins.  

The client adopted the healthy diet and lifestyle that Sally taught him. He stopped consuming candy, soda and other junk food. He maintains that healthy lifestyle today, 15 years later.  

“I’m an educator of my clients. I like to teach them how to take care of themselves,” Sally said.   Below are 10 tips Sally offers to nourish the body and soul.  

1. Drink one to two glasses of water first thing every day.  

2. Do not skip breakfast.   If you don’t have time to eat, drink something nutrient-rich before you head out the door, Sally said. Try to avoid eating breakfast on the run because you’re more likely to eat something unhealthy.  

3. Nourish your mind before beginning your day.   Don’t turn on the news immediately after you wake up. Instead, exercise or read something inspirational to feed your mind and body.  

4. Don’t use coffee to amp yourself up.   If you drink coffee, try to slowly reduce what you consume, going from two cups to one cup a day, for example, Sally said.  

5. Eat healthier by being prepared.   If you’re in a hurry, don’t just go to a store and buy a bar or other food you rip open from a package. Carry food such as an apple, raw nuts, a hard-boiled egg or a smoothie in a thermos so that you’re prepared in an emergency.   “Cheap food is expensive in the long run,” she said.  

6. Eat a salad that includes protein for lunch.   The protein-packed salad will help maintain your energy throughout the afternoon more than pizza or a sandwich.  

7. Avoid white flour.  

8. Drink real water or fresh vegetable juice. Don't drink soda or vitamin water.   Your kidneys need to be filtered and real water does it best, Sally said.  

9. Teach kids early about how to eat healthy.   Let them cook healthy meals with you, Sally said. “Kids love jobs, especially if you make it fun.”  

10. It’s not selfish to be selfish.   Moms and dads must do something to take care of themselves every day to perform their best as parents, Sally said. She noted that exercise or meditation takes as little as 15 minutes. “You can’t give from an empty well,” she said.   

For more information about Sally Kravich (M.S. Holistic Nutritionist), including tips, recipes and more, visit her website at http://www.sallykravich.com.

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