Frankincense Oil: Salvation for the Del Duca Family

Frankincense Oil

When many people hear the word frankincense they think of the Three Wise Men and their gift for baby Jesus. For Tracy Del Duca and her 9-year-old son Sebastian, however, frankincense oil brings to mind a miracle of a different kind.

“Essential oils have completely changed our lives,” says Tracy. And if anyone should know about life changing events, it’s the Del Ducas.

The youngest of five children, Sebastian was only 22 months old when he snuck through a hole in the fence at a church softball game. Trapped on the inside Tracy watched in horror as he headed toward the street and into the path of an oncoming car. Tracy screamed out to alert the driver but the elderly woman became flustered and hit the gas instead of the brake. Little Sebastian was thrown about 80 feet.

His injuries were extensive. His heart stopped at the scene but a paramedic got it re-started. Doctors determined almost every bone in his body was broken and his head was too swollen to insert a shunt. Still he remained alive and so too did the family’s hope.

After months of Sebastian in a coma, the doctors told the Del Ducas there was nothing more they could do and they essentially sent him home to die. Tracy did not give up, however. Instead she got busy.

“We did a bunch of research into all these alternative health practices and every time we’d bring something to the doctors they’d laugh at us and tell us it was futile,” she remembers. “But once they had absolutely nothing else they could do for him it gave us carte blanche to look into all these alternative therapies we found—and we found many of them to be very beneficial.”

With the help of a chiropractic neurologist, the Del Ducas began weaning Sebastian off all of the drugs. He had been in a coma for about two years but as the medications worked their way out of his system something miraculous happened. He woke up.

Not surprisingly Sebastian still has health challenges. One recurring problem is seizures that can strike at any time. Over the years there have been times of less seizures and times of more. At one point after a bout of encephalitis he wound up back in the hospital and back on anti-seizure meds which put him into another coma.

Again the Del Ducas weaned him off the drugs and had some luck keeping the seizures at bay with various alternative treatments. However, within the last seven months the seizures have returned. On average Sebastian suffers three to four a month but sometimes they can be as frequent as several in a day. Given their past experiences, the Del Ducas felt they had to find an alternative to the traditional anti-seizure meds.

A friend told Tracy about a YouTube video of a family who used an essential oil containing frankincense to control their daughter’s seizures. The next time Sebastian had a seizure Tracy grabbed the frankincense, put a drop on his head and a drop on each toe and after two seconds the seizure stopped. Ditto the following seizure.

“It’s uncanny. There are many things we do that we know help with seizures but this is just amazing,” she says. “It’s gotten to the point I have a school teacher who comes to the house and once in a while takes him to the library and she won’t go anywhere without frankincense oil in her pocket because she has seen what it does.”

Tracy is a convert and encourages anyone wanting to learn about frankincense and other essential oils to do their homework. As a place to begin she recommends several books on essential oils by Dr. Gary Young along with his website Young Living.

“To have something like this is huge,” Tracy says. “I can’t begin to tell you how much it has enhanced our lives.”

Kristen Stewart is a freelance writer specializing in health, nutrition, parenting and lifestyle topics. To learn more, visit her website at www.kristenestewart.com.

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