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Can Seimei Work for You?

Like many people, Gerry Meagher knew little about Seimei, a non-touch Japanese Energy Healing Technique, when she first encountered it in 1996. In fact, when her mother-in-law asked her what it was after she had taken her baby son to a session she was at kind of a loss.

“I said, ‘I don’t really know,’” remembers Gerry. “They don’t touch him and they speak in Japanese.”

Her mother-in-law’s response? “Oh, for Christ’s sake.”

Yet Gerry, many of her son’s doctors and yes, even her mother-in-law, have really come around.

Born with single ventricle physiology, her son Michael’s heart lacks a wall between the ventricles resulting in the red and blue blood pumping together.

At the time—almost two decades ago—pediatric cardiology was relatively new and much of the treatments were educated guesses at best, due simply to lack of hard data.

After open heart surgery at 6 months of age and regular medications, Michael was still struggling. At his first birthday he was not yet crawling or sleeping through the night.

Doctors encouraged Gerry to schedule another heart surgery, but because he’d had so much trouble recovering after the first one, she was hesitant.

On one hand, she was terrified to go against her medical advice, but in her heart, she couldn’t help but wonder if there wasn’t another way.

Around that time she found Seimei. Described by the Seimei Foundation as “awakened vital force,” it is a type of hands-off healing that can be used to improve health and reduce or relieve pain. The change was almost immediate.

“I started taking him twice a week for about a month and it was astounding, amazing,” says Gerry. “He started to walk and do things and neighbors would say he looked like a different child.”

Not only that, another seemingly miraculous event occurred. Gerry had been terrified of Michael undergoing a second surgery, but she was equally terrified for him not to, given the doctors’ recommendations.

Reluctantly she scheduled the operation and went through pre-op testing only for one of the MDs to ask her if Michael always looked so healthy. When she responded "yes", he told her they were cancelling the surgery.

In the years since, his surprising success has been the subject of discussion amongst cardiologists around the globe.

Today Michael is 17 and a typical teenager — excelling in honors classes, learning to drive and being annoyed by his family.

Gerry has learned Seimei and does it on him every day. She also checks in with his doctor periodically but it’s been years since Michael has had any testing. “Seimei gave me the courage to walk away from Western medicine,” says Gerry.

“I was very, very fortunate because I had an alternative that was actually working.” Gerry Meagher is a certified Seimei Practitioner.

Please feel free to contact her at 201 230-3467 or for more information.

By Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is a freelance writer specializing in health, nutrition, parenting and lifestyle topics. To learn more, visit her website at