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The Better Baby Plan – A Natural Approach to Conception and Pregnancy

An interview with co-author, Lana Asprey, M.D., that shows the inspiration for the book, her own personal experiences, and insight into the Better Baby Plan

What if we had more control over our bodies, fertility, and pregnancy? What if we could alter the way we eat and live to essentially balance our bodies perfectly, activate proper genetics, and ensure the healthiest pregnancy and baby that was biologically possible? The Better Baby Book, co-authored by husband and wife Lana and David Asprey, provide us with the blueprint to doing just that.

Lana Asprey, M.D., a very successful medical director and pioneer for natural fertility and healthy pregnancy, was told she would most likely not conceive on her own. At age 30, she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a disorder that would likely make it impossible to conceive without the use of IVF. With the knowledge that children may be out of the question for her, Lana devoted herself to her medical practice and to becoming the healthiest version of herself possible. She began making changes in her diet and was beginning the journey to eating clean and living well. Soon after, she met her husband, David – an MBA and media figure on health and human performance. Together they became natural lifestyle power houses incorporating both of their knowledge, passion, commitment and desire to build themselves up to be physically what a human should be.

They began to follow a routine that held some diet restrictions, focused on proper supplementation, natural detoxification, and used the science behind nutrition to build a strong biological foundation for proper health. With emerging progress in epigenetics, the couple developed a lifestyle plan to help with fertility and decided to try to conceive on their own. Lana knew they were on the road to success when she noticed that her skin was clearer, was having perfect menstrual cycles, and was sleeping better than she had in years. Essentially, she was for the first time perfectly healthy as a woman. At her initial appointment before conceiving, Lana learned that all indications of her earlier diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome had disappeared. Hormonally, she was in absolute perfect health for conception. In fact, the couple was able to conceive only 2 months after they decided to start trying; a feat that Lana had accepted would never happen for her.

Ecstatic at their success, the couple felt compelled to share their information using Lana as the test subject for the book. Thus, The Better Baby Plan was born. Following a strict schedule for supplementation and nutrition, Lana breezed through her pregnancy better than most. On the plan, Lana said she rarely suffered from a lot of the common ailments that every other woman in her family struggled with throughout their own pregnancies. She had more energy and was rarely nauseated. She avoided wheat and whole grain products, used cooking fats that were from organically sourced animal, and kept most vegetables in their raw form. She avoided high sugar fruits, dairy, caffeine, pasteurized products, and tried to have foods in their rawest form as much possible.

One of the main components of the Better Baby Plan was the utilization of supplements. Lana was quick to distinguish the need to supplement beyond a common prenatal vitamin. She took a daily routine that included 9 different supplements. When asked if it was difficult to maintain that type of regime given the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy, Lana gave a lot of credit to her husband for helping her push through. David would sort her supplements, often times spacing them out through the day for her to make the process easier. Utilizing a broad range of supplements that helped build her body and maintain it during pregnancy, Lana and David worked together building research to find the perfect blend for their conception and pregnancy. But for the plan to work as well as it did, they had to incorporate more than just nutrition and supplementation. They had to use their combined knowledge and learn how to eliminate Mycotoxins and environmental toxins.

When asked how their book was different than other baby books, Lana was very clear – Mycotoxins and environmental toxins. No other book bears such weight on this idea. Mycotoxins can include mold that can grow on wheat or coffee, corn products, and many other sources. Environmental toxins include electromagnetic fields from power lines, Wi-Fi devices, and even cordless phones. Another key component to eliminating toxins is providing the best water source for your household. Simply put, tap water, well water, bottled water, and filtered water still contain high levels of toxins. Lana’s best advice for clean healthy water is as simple as installing reverse osmosis filtration in your home. She also strongly advises using the detoxification processes in the book to keep your body safe.

Lana and David’s book, The Better Baby Book, is strong program that that yields successful results. It may seem to go against the grain, but the science behind the epigenetics, mycotoxins, nutrition, and supplementation speak for themselves. Lana wants the public to know that science is constantly being discovered and that the new ideas and theories that they portray in this book are backed up with medical experience and scientific research. It may seem like a huge undertaking to commit to lifestyle change such as the Better Baby Plan, but Lana firmly believes that even small changes from the plan could greatly increase the chances for a successful conception, healthy pregnancy, and a life full of positive energy thereafter.


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