Becoming an Herbalist with Your Own Medicinal Herb Garden

Herb Garden

Spring is coming and with that comes the opportunity to grow some health benefits. There are many different types of herbs that can be used to build a medicinal herb garden and while it may take getting your hands dirty and some time, it will be incredibly rewarding when you reap what you sow.

Garden Placement

The first thing to consider when planting a medicinal herb garden is your garden placement. Fortunately, almost any type of herb garden can sowed directly in the ground for seasonal gardeners or in containers for a more year round harvest. If you choose to plant in the ground, it is important to choose an area that has good drainage, full sun exposure, and protection from critters. It is also important to know the quality of your soil, such as if your soil is sandy, clay, or has a high pH. Simple tests from your local home and garden store can usually help you to figure this out.

Containers are less complicated with soil, considering you can purchase soil from a home and garden store that is designed for herb growth. It is also nice to be able to move and relocate plants depending on the weather. This allows for indoor planting as well during the winter months.

What to Plant

Knowing what you need is half the battle when planting a medicinal garden. Some of the most common herbs found in most include: basil, rosemary, lavender, thyme, and sage. All of these staples have a variety of uses ranging from treating headaches to relieving stress. Other types of medicinal herbs include garlic, mint, chamomile, St. John’s Wart, and feverfew.Some larger plants, but equally useful in medicinal gardens include yarrow, burdock, and marshmallow.

Seeds or Seedlings

You can start with seeds, but bear in mind that seeds require a lot of maintenance from the onset and usually need to be started indoors and much earlier than the growing season. Another option, however, is to purchase seedlings from a local nursery or various outlets online. This will allow you to build your garden indoors or outdoors, will come with a healthy guarantee, and allow you to reap your reward much sooner in comparison.

Welcome Herbalism Into Your Life

It may seem like a huge undertaking to build a medicinal garden, but it can be as big or as small as you are willing to commit to. Adding these herbs into your life can help combat things as miniscule as the common cold through major illness like high blood pressure and heart disease. With a little work and some patience, you can help protect your health and wellness completely naturally.


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