Are You A Sugar Addict?

A study performed on rats determined that rats who were being given cocaine eagerly switched to sugar when given the opportunity, yet the rats already on sugar didn’t make the switch to cocaine. A scary prospect, but yes, sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Some people have said that if sugar were bought onto the market today it would be classed as an illegal substance because of its addictive quality. So, what does this mean for you and your health?

Having too much sugar can cause many different health concerns, from weight issues, obesity, diabetes, fatigue, depression, kidney and liver stress, skin problems, mood swings and digestive problems and much more. In fact sugar (sucrose) is known to cause over 70 different illnesses and diseases including many forms of cancer.

Mental illness such as depression and schizophrenia has also been shown to have a sugar connection. It has been found that just 8 tablespoons of sugar, equivalent to a can of soft drink, is enough to deplete the immune system by 40% for up to 5 hours. However, before you reach for the ‘sugar free’ products, think again. These products are even more toxic to your body, linked with cancer, multiple sclerosis and many other serious health conditions.

Refined sugars are the sweetest poison of all. The science behind all the flavours and additives in our foods today is a multi million-dollar industry. These flavours and fragrances are often made up of a chemical concoction, trying to imitate Mother Nature, while being addictive at the same time. The purpose of the additives? To create more sales for the food industry. When you are in the shops next, take a look at all the numbers on the back of a packet, it can be a little overwhelming, but it is something that everyone should be aware of. So, what should you do if you feel like you are addicted to sugar?

There are several great steps that you can take which will definitely reduce or remove your cravings. The key is once this is done, to find healthier alternatives to the foods you are addicted to, so your body doesn’t depend on them day in and day out to survive.

Whatever you do, make sure it is something you can keep to consistently. At the end of the day, the less processed foods you can ideally consume, the more water rich and alive foods you can consume the better. Take small steps now proactively, so you don’t have to be reactive because of your health choices in the years to come.

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