“Weeds” or Healing Herbs?

Weeds or Healing Herbs

Do you have lots of weeds in your yard? This time of year, I bet you do!

Do they drive you crazy? The weeds in my yard used to drive me nuts. Pre-life-with-baby days, I would spend hours upon hours weeding my flower beds and my entire lawn. I have a pretty big lawn and I would go through and pick them all out. Every single last one. I would not stop until they were all gone.

We have never used weed or feed or any type of fertilizer. I wanted my yard to be chemical free for ourselves, our dog and now our toddler daughter. But no chemicals= lots of weeds.

There is not much weed pulling going on in my post-baby-life. I can barely keep up with the laundry and getting a home cooked, healthy meal on the table every night, let alone weed my dang yard. But this year, I realized my weeds are beautiful. And healing.

I have done a little research and realized I have Shepard’s Purse, Chickweed, Dandelion and Nettle in my yard!

All these years I could have been making herbal teas and tinctures, but instead I was neurotically picking them to keep my yard perfect. At least pulling weeds is good exercise! Do you have any healing weeds in your yard?

By Stephanie Brandt Cornais You can find Stephanie Brandt Cornais at her at her blog, www.MamaAndBabyLove.com

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