A Simple Tool for Strengthening Your Core

One of the things I love most about being a holistic health and lifestyle coach is providing my clients with practical tools for achieving their own personal health and happiness goals.

Most clients know what they want to accomplish.
Many want to let go of stress, make healthier food choices, and increase energy. They have a pretty good idea of what foods they should and shouldn’t eat, but everyday challenges get in the way of achieving success. They long to get more out of life, yet feel ill-equipped to make lasting changes.

In my own personal journey, I have found that a key ingredient to success with any life challenge is having a solid foundation and a strong core.
From a holistic perspective this means having a strong body, mind and spirit core. While most of us know how to strengthen our physical core through exercise, developing our mental and spiritual core in today’s stressful world can be more difficult. One tool, when fully embraced, can have profoundly positive effects on mood and energy, as well as on the ability to make good choices and cultivate joy. It can also increase the likelihood of succeeding in pretty much every aspect of life. 

That tool is a gratitude practice.
You may have heard Oprah speak about the power of gratitude, and most religions promote gratitude as an essential component to spirituality. Researchers at the HeartMath Institute have shown that people who actively engage in thoughts of gratitude and appreciation experience smoother heart–brain communication, greater hormonal balance and improved immune response, as well as other health benefits. (1) So with all these pluses, why aren’t more people benefiting from this simple act? Surely you can easily think of three things you are grateful for. Yet without a system in place that keeps you regularly focused on all the good that you already have, your mind is more likely to go to those things you lack. The media and society in general are in competition for your thoughts, attempting to hijack your well intentions and steer you to negative places. Staying centered is a challenge to say the least. When this happens, it becomes difficult to make positive changes. How can we cook healthier foods for ourselves when we are focused on our lack of time and money? How can we fit a workout into our already busy day or add a gym membership to our limited budget? How can we find a job we like or worse yet, find a job at all? These are trying times.

Many people, women especially, are carrying a heavy load.
There is little time for self-improvement, relaxation or even (sadly) joy. With this in mind, I have created a powerful tool to help you shift your current reality in a more positive direction. In From Gratitude to Bliss: A Journey in Health and Happiness, I introduce a simple gratitude practice I call “Vitamin G™.”  Spending just a few minutes a day focusing on what you are grateful for, and connecting with the feelings you experience when you think about your list, allows you to relax, let go of negativity and shift your energy in the direction you want. Sharing what you are grateful for each day with family and friends, especially children, enhances the power even more.

When I started this practice, I didn’t have any specific expectations as to how it would benefit me.
I just thought it was fun to do and I honestly had no idea of the magnitude this incredibly simplistic exercise would bring to my life. Then, when I started offering it to my clients, the power became even more profound. It seemed that nearly everyone who embraced Vitamin G received some benefit, with many reporting a renewed sense of energy and love of life and an ability to handle stressful situations more easily. They gained a sense of hope that everything they longed for was readily available to them and that they were able to make the shifts they needed to achieve what they wanted. With each client success story, I become even more convinced that gratitude is the answer to every problem. Sprinkle a little Vitamin G on any situation and you are sure to find the solution that works best for you.

By Lorraine Miller, Goddess of Gratitude

Having recognized the amazing transformational power a regular gratitude practice has had in her own life, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach Lorraine Miller has made it her life’s work to share what she calls Vitamin G with the world. From coaching clients, teaching workshops, and creating inspirational tools, to training holistic practitioners and organizations around the country, Lorraine delivers a message that is warm and inspiring and that provides a key ingredient to opening our minds and hearts to receiving all the good in the world. Through this process, we begin to heal, to move, to believe, and to choose our own destiny. Lorraine is the author of From Gratitude to Bliss: A Journey in Health and Happiness.

Contact Lorraine at 516.448.2505 or at lorraine@nourishbynature.com. For more information, please visit NourishByNature.com.   (1) Thanks! How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D.

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