8 Foods that Fight Seasonal Allergies

8 Foods that Fight Seasonal Allergies

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Seasonal allergies can strike during any season, whether it’s from pollen in the spring, ragweed in the late summer or fall, or dust mites in the winter.

An allergy occurs when the immune system judges an otherwise harmless substance to be foreign and dangerous. The immune system responds by releasing antibodies to attack that substance, known as an allergen. This process leads to the release of histamines, which produce allergy symptoms, including headaches, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, coughing, and a runny or stuffy nose.

Allergies suggest an immune system that is incorrectly identifying an innocuous substance as a threat and then attacking it.  Certain nutrient-dense foods can help boost the immune system and reduce the inflammation that causes allergy symptoms.

Here are 8 foods that can help fight the symptoms of seasonal allergies.




Citrus Fruits



Onions and Garlic


So before running to the medicine cabinet for allergy relief, consider the above nutrient-dense foods, all of which can help control allergy symptoms and provide a pathway to better overall health.

Written by Jessica Braun
Jessica is a writer and an editor at WholesomeONE. She can be reached at jessica.braun[at]wholesomeone[dot]com

Reviewed & edited by Dr Jeffrey Lederman

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