6 Bath and Salt Water Therapies


Hydrotherapy is loosely defined as any therapy involving water. With growing popularity and new health benefits being discovered by using water therapy, here are 6 bath and salt water therapies that everyone should know about.

Thalassotherapy Bath – An at home treatment using Dead Sea Salt cell in a warm bath (94-104 degrees F) and allowing yourself to soak for 20 minutes will relax muscles and rejuvenate skin.

Salt Water Jacuzzi – Using warm water, strong jets, and natural sea salt water, a salt water Jacuzzi exfoliates skin, relaxes tender muscles and joints, and leaves your body feeling energized.

“Under Shower” Salt Water Massage – This light body massage uses waterproof cream and is done in conjunction with a salt water shower, leaving the skin feeling fresh and muscle aches diminished.

Heliotherapy – This therapy, which should be done under the supervision of a professional, combines the healing properties of the sun with salt water bath to combine an influx of energy and relaxation collectively.

Phytotherapy – This therapy combines wild-growing herbs, plants, flowers, and leaves with bath salts for soaking to create combinations that create strong medicinal results that can be more effective than pharmaceuticals.

Balneotherapy – This therapy requires the use of mineral or alkaline water in both bath and drinking. Alkaline water helps with secretion of bile, thus turning this therapy into a great treatment alternative for kidney stones.

With so many options to choose from with Salt and bath water therapies and most of it being incredibly accessible, bath therapy may be the a gentle relaxing therapy to help everyone.


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Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/ex_magician/4558665515/

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