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4 Ways to Wake Up Without Caffeine

Are you one of those people who can barely put a sentence together before you've had your first cup o' joe?

What happens on that dreadful morning when you run our of coffee grounds, or milk, or stevia? How will you get yourself together enough to make it to the nearest cafe?

Here are 4 quick and natural ways to feel energized in the mornings without caffeine. And who knows, maybe you'll start needing that morning cup of coffee less and less often.

  • Leave the Shades Open for Natural Sunlight to Come In
  • Yoga Poses such as Downward Dog, Plank, Cobra, Wheel, Fish, Reverse Plank, Bridge, Should Stand. Pose examples.
  • Switch from a Warm shower to Cold to to Boost Adrenalines
  • Eat an Apple for Energy