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3 Tips to Fighting Migraines during Pregnancy

3 tips to help battle pregnancy hormonal migraines.

Pregnancy can bring on a lot of changes from fluctuating hormones and other manipulations in the body. What this means for the average woman is a period of time that can be uncomfortable and down-right nauseating. However, for some women prone to migraines, these changes can actually lead to prolonged pain that is aggravated by hormonal changes. Here are 3 tips to help battle pregnancy hormonal migraines.

  • Staying hydrated – One of the most essential elements for proper body function is hydration. Whether pregnant or not, proper hydration is vital in the treatment of migraines. For pregnant women, added blood volume can contribute to headaches along with the addition of pregnancy hormones. Proper hydration helps to keep the body functioning at its peak level.
  • Eating a balanced diet – It is important to keep blood sugar levels constant for both pregnancy and migraine prevention. Especially in the first trimester when a woman may feel unable to eat or nauseated by many foods, blood sugar levels must be kept in check to help prevent migraines. Just eating some lean protein such as grilled chicken or turkey with a piece of fruit can greatly reduce the risk of hormonal migraines.
  • Hydrotherapy – Basic at-home hydrotherapy techniques can greatly reduce the pain associated with hormonal migraines. Using a combination of cold compress on the forehead or the back or the neck while soaking the feet in a warm tub of water can encourage good blood flow and circulation. Having the blood flow properly away from the blood vessels that are commonly associated with migraines decreases the pressure that is symptomatic to the hormonal headaches.

While these tips may seem simple, they are in fact fundamental in preventing and treating migraines that are brought on by pregnancy hormone. Simple techniques can greatly reduce the severity and onset of hormonal migraines.


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