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3 Popular Pressure Points To Promote Well-Being

Using 3 major pressure points, you can give yourself relief from common ailments and promote well-being.

It’s no secret that the body possesses many little “quirks” to naturally relieve common things like pain, fatigue, and anxiety. What people fail to know is how to unlock this built in relief potential. Using specific pressure points and knowing how o utilize them, people can generally find a treatment for most ailments without the use of medicine. Here are 3 common pressure points and their functions:

  • The Ear Lobe – The fleshy part at the bottom of the ear is one of the body’s sensory hot zones. Gently applying pressure to this area has been known to relieve ailments that are associated with head such as headache, cold, or stress.
  • The Ball of the Foot – The area directly below the big toe on the flat of the foot is a good pressure point for circulation. Gently applying pressure in first a horizontal motion followed by a vertical motion stimulates blood flow from the heart down to the feet. This particular pressure point has also been used to help treat asthma and lung related issues.
  • The V of the Hand – The fleshy area located at the base of the thumb, in the “V” of the hand between the thumb and pointer finger is often used for pain relief. Keeping your palm down and pressing in a circular motion can be applied to treat headaches, stress, and large intestinal problems. This pressure point has also been known to induce contractions for pregnancy.

There are many pressure points that can be used to help promote overall well-being. The three mentioned here are some of the most popular and most widely used with natural medicine. Utilize these techniques to help your body feel its best.


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